Arize Now evolved after seeing so many marriages/ relationships fail, and child abuse and teen pregnancy surpassing adults. In addition to widespread fatherlessness, the need for relational training and wellness cries out in every city, suburb and rural area throughout the world.

The programs provide structure, community support, education, and trainings to enrich couples/singles in relationships with themselves, and others. We assist in successful transition through the high stress/low satisfaction seasons of relationship, whether marriage, dating, parenting, family or professional.

In addition we strive to embrace and equip previously missing (incarcerated) fathers & mothers with skills to regain their rightful places in the lives of their children, by attending ongoing parent education training, acquiring communication tools and strategies for healthy parent-child interaction.

Relationships in the WORKPLACE is an area of focus to businesses, both profit and non-profit. We offer conflict resolution, healthy communication techniques, stress & relaxation tools and identifying events & issues trainings.


Arize Now is a tax-deductable 501-c-3 organization.

ARIZE NOW!   Awakening Dignity - Cultivating Character – Enriching Marriages, Fathers & Families - GLOBALLY!