• Marriage & Relationship Education Workshops (PREP Trained in WOR, WMR, PREP IN THE WORKPLACE, and CPRP)
  • Parent/Child Communication Workshops
  • Workplace Relationship & Communication Workshops
  • Religious, Civic & Non Profit Organization Training
  • Single/Engaged Relationship Workshops
  • Marriage Mentoring/Coaching Sessions
  • Individual Communication Coaching

Youth Empowerment
Children who come from broken homes are often resentful, and try to carry the burden alone; they are more likely to commit crime, therefore continuing the cycles crime and poverty. Our trainings assist with the resolution of issues that separate and divide families, particularly in blended and broken families.  We practice a self-discovery module that extends beyond the classroom, and deepens the individual experience, providing success not only in this stage of their lives, but their future too. We stress the importance to teens of making the informed choices about family relationships, appropriate friendships, dating behaviors, along with indentifying and preparing for potential problems...  

It is estimated that 30% of the children in Colorado are at risk of failing to achieve their academic potential, drop out of school, and /or be unprepared for college or jobs. The National Institute of Health (NIH) explain that today’s youth are exposed to a heavy diet of the media with themes of violence, and sexual behavior, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs which can influence health-related behavior. Furthermore, it is estimated that 25% of American adolescents are at great risk of not transitioning to a productive adult without intervention.”

The Media & ME Youth Workshops are designed to heighten the awareness of young people of the impact, and influence media has on adolescents’ self-image and behavior, and equip them with the tools necessary to establish healthy goals and make more positive choices.

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